It’s Called Gratitude and That’s Right

Posted: August 2, 2012 in gratitude, spirituality

For the past year, I’ve been trying to cultivate the mindset of gratitude. I find that so many times I focus on what’s going wrong in a day when there is so much going right.

The last two days have really been blessings and have helped me bring back a practice I started last summer– gratitude lists.  Each day as part of a kind of mini-Examen (here’s the cheat sheet if you don’t know what I’m talking about: I list three things in the day I was grateful for and why.  The why is a big part too, as it lets me really savor the blessing and focus more on  emerging patterns of where I see God in my day.  In the last two days, I’ve been incredibly grateful for the kind words of support from my family and friends.  I’ve received texts and inboxes, hugs and lunches.  And while I know I am supported in my transition into my year as a Jesuit volunteer, the willingness that folks have had to take the time to express their sentiments have really impacted me.  They serve as boosts and encourage me to go the extra mile and support others who could use a boost of their own.

[Why not try making a gratitude list this week?  Being more grateful during the day is bound to help make little disappointments less devastating.  Life is good, let’s celebrate it!]


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