Posted: August 17, 2012 in nature, retreats, spirituality

This is the spot where, during orientation, I sat each morning and prayed.  I had never been to the ocean until then and, let me tell you, it is every bit as grand and wonderous as I expected.  It was a welcomed reality (and ego) check.  The ocean reminded me of how small I am in the grand scheme of all creation.  Small, but no less loved.  In a way the feeling mirrored my thoughts of what I experienced at orientation.  I felt like wave after wave of responsibility and possible challenge was crashing over me as the various speakers talked about the coming year.  I signed up for this, but I felt  overwhelmed by the largeness of the task at hand- to be emptied before I can become filled, to be made weary as I look for life-giving opportunities at work, to be challenged while I find out what is most valuable to me.  The beauty and challenge of this year will be my willingness to be overtaken by and molded bythe experience.


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