The “Real World”

Posted: August 20, 2012 in work

Well, it’s been a week and I can finally say I am settling into this whole full-time employment thing.  Last week was a bit overwhelming as I was pushed into the proverbial deep-end  of responsibility on day one.  I have an office, a title, and am coordinator for a few programs at the parish.  It’s been a lot of outside-my-comfort-zone type work, with me being able to call the shots in a few areas.  In one of my first meetings I was called out to speak up more and share my input since “this is your program”.  I am very thankful to have a placement where, although a lot of groundwork has been set, I have a lot of creative control over how things play out.  I am more than a little excited about the possibilities (and challenges) that are before me, but I figure that my basic living expenses (and then some) are paid for, which frees my energy and time up to give more of myself to the youth and community where I am living in.  Great things are on the horizon!


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