Sundays (Part 1)

Posted: August 30, 2012 in spirituality, work

‘Everyone has a spirituality, a life-giving one or a soul-shrinking one.  Spiritualuty deals with how you channel your energy.’ -paraphrase from The Holy Longing by Ronald Rolheiser

Sunday: For me and many others I know, it has always been a day of rituals.  A day that is similar in many respects to the pervious Sunday and every Sunday after. 

Not so long ago it may have looked like this:

10:00-10:30               struggle to rip myself so early from my bed

10:30-11:30                 grogglily shower and get ready for the day

11:30-11:50                 rush to the caf and devour an omlete

11:45-noon                get back to the dorm in time to watch the Brown’s opening kickoff

Noon-5:30               watch the game, yell at the TV, curl into a ball and try to get over the fact that Cleveland found a way to blow the game yet again

5:30-6:15                    eat the infamously bad Sunday spread in the caf

6:15-whenever I’d pass out               Work, Work, Work, mass, Work, Work

Why did Sunday become the day to catch up on work? To cram it in at the last second? Why was Sunday’s ritual to work instead of to “keep sacred”?

Looking back, it’s really no wonder that I got into a hole spiritually.   I channelled all of my energy into work.  I focused solely on assignments and deadlines.  There was no time to experience God’s love. And the clock ticked on…


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