While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Posted: September 12, 2012 in music

Well, after realizing that there is nowhere practical to continue teaching myself to cartwheel or do handstands, I’ve moved on to learning something a bit more useful (and potentially less painful)– acoustic guitar. I’m lucky enough that someone left a guitar and binder of songs for our community.  Three days ago I tuned it and learned a few chords from a casamate who already plays.  In order to stay motivated, I grabbed one of the song sheets from the binder, so I could at least be working up to playing a song.  So, as of this week, I am learning the lyrical stylings of the great Taylor Swift (“You Belong With Me”). I know, I know. I blasphemed and passed on a song from “The Boss”, but I need to start somewhere and Bruce is a little tricky.  These days you can find me sprinting home, ready to throw on a pair of gym shorts and my Brown’s hat, cloistering myself in our hotbox of a garage.  I spent a few hours in there two days ago, returning drenched in sweat (yeah, I thrash that hard) and with slightly purple fingers.  Yesterday I played before work, at lunch break, and before an evening meeting.  I don’t think I ever found something that I was addicted to practicing until now.  And although I’m struggling with some chords due to my fat fingers and I sing out with my shaky choir-boy-days-are-long-over voice, I can’t help but smile.  Listening to music is great, but creating music and having a say in how it sounds while creating it, is a far greater and more joyful experience.

  1. mom says:

    Yeah, Jon! I know what you mean about that guitar. I learned from Uncle Dick and even though I had zero talent, I loved to play and sing–“Where have all the flowers gone” etc, from the 60’s & 70’s. So have fun with it. Express yourself. Isn’tit strange that your twin is probably doing the same thing with his guitar about now too?

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