“Almost 2 months in LA” Revisited

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Life has been crazy lately, but I wanted to give you all some more substance of what my life has been like the last 6.75 months.  I was looking back at all the saved drafts I have on this blog and wanted to see if any could be fleshed out or explored further. Out of the 12 (yes, I have had 12 topics I never published…) I decided to start with the notes of one titled “Almost 2 Months in LA”.

My initial reactions to reading through the draft:

  • this has been the fastest year of my life. I am beginning to understand the phrase, “The days are long, but the years are short.”
  • Life is good, even amidst struggle. Life’s a journey, but I need to remember who is in control. As they said at Youth Day at the Religious Education Congress over the weekend- “Keep calm, God’s got this.” (hopefully more on that in a later post)
  • I don’t give myself enough credit for the many, many small changes I’ve made in my life

In many respects this year continues to be the most challenging and fruitful year of my life. I went from only having to think about me, to considering how my actions affect the 5 other people I live with (that’s not a bad thing!) and how many actions ripple into the greater city and global community.

I’m a changed man. There’s no doubt about it. I used to spend most of my free time glued to the TV and PS3. Now I play guitar and read. I’ve become more politically active. I’ve become more decisive. I’m working on being more assertive. I think I may be starting to see the signs of being “ruined for life”.  I have made quite a few lifestyle changes. Here’s my notes from month 2:

lifestyle changes: tapatioon everything , authentic mexican food, conserve water in shower,using shaveing oi instead of chemical laden shaving cream, watching the west wing, learning guitar, drinking more water, spirituality nights, helping cooking when I can, full-time employed (and then some? is this more crazy and full than a regular youth minister or campus minister?), more grateful for food and friendship, my blood is beginning to thin,I’ve gone from being the only clevelander in a 60 mile radius to being one of two

challenges: spanish, my spice tolerance, gorgeous every day, missing fall in the midwest, not being able to ‘be’ with dear friends, trouble getting in contact with friends

joys: the sometimes ‘not-so-hard’ life of a volunteer (the year where people’s incredible generosity will be made known), parish parties to have other parties, dancing the caballo dorado (achy breaky heart meets the electric slide)


In the 5 months after writing this I’ve found that I still struggle with many of the challenges, but that they invite me toward greater appreciation of this year (and life in general). And joy can be found everyday.


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