Posted: March 8, 2013 in spirituality

During my time at Xavier College Prep this week, I was invited by the students to sit in on a CLC (Christian Life Community: essentially a group who prays and grows together. who knew they did them in highschools!) The campus minister, the man who had invited me to XCP, shared this prayer at the end of the meeting:

Psalm 118:10, 12-13

 All the nations encompassed me…

 They encompassed me like bees,

 They flared up like fire among thorns…

 I was hard pressed and was falling,

 But the Lord helped me.

Sometimes we need just to find a place of refuge amid the demands and duties of our lives. Just some breathing space…

Just a few minutes of peace…

Let us put in the very place that we feel turmoil,

whether it be at our desk at work, or the kitchen or laundry room at home,

some reminder that God is with us, in the midst of all the pressure.

It can be a candle, a picture or a flower.

Allow us to discover a spiritual “break time,” some moments away as we walk from our class or just to the water fountain.

These are times to rest in the knowledge that God is present in the turmoil, not as one of the things crowding for our attention,

but as an inner stillness, a reminder that our lives are meant for what is greater, deeper, larger.

Let the bees of our business buzz away, let the stinging sparks exhaust themselves.

God is in our midst, stronger than the riot, closer than the crowd.


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